How to Keep the Spark Alive in A Relationship When You’re Broke?

One of the major factors playing a pivotal role in staling the relationships before time is money. And not only is it because of the very much needed financial security but also because being broke impacts a relationship in various ways, all toxic. If one keeps the terror of a loss of financial security at bay, the equation still contains relaxed atmosphere, and a need for emotional connection which is hindered with the money issues.

The question arises, when you are not financially strong, or worse, broke; how to manage a spark in your valued relationship despite that?

Some of the tips help in reviving the strong connection with your partner despite the financial crunch:

1)    Mark your relationship priorities away from money

Though money matters are crucial when it comes to long term relationships, it is not all what it takes for a relation to grow. Set priorities in your relationship and make sure they are non-material. Make each other your priority, the time spent together is valued much more than anything else. Having solid basis of a relationship helps it through the times of financial hardships.

2)    Never cease to communicate

Lack of communication kills the relationship before anything else or anyone else gets the chance to. Talk about money matters to your partner and try to provide information which is important so not to keep them in dark. It becomes very essential to share your financial condition with your partner when you are broke, this won’t only help you two find out a solution a solution together but also will garner trust and respect for one another’s decisions which they might or might not understand, hence strengthening the bond.

3)    Set financial goals together

Align your relationship goals with financial goals and make it a point to achieve them together. Not only will this help you both get out of a financially fragile state but also will add spark as you set out on an adventurous journey to regain a strong position in togetherness, through thick and thin.

4)    Never cease to surprise one another

Never forget the fact that after all, your romantic partner isn’t your financial partner solely and he/she though very well understands that you are broke, the need for emotional intimacy never fades. Look for creative ideas to surprise your partner and relive the moments when you both had goosebumps just hearing each other’s voice and all the milestones you both have achieved since the initial phase.

5)    Laugh it off

The significance of laughter and the role it plays in maintaining healthy romantic relationships cannot be ignored. It is important to share a good laugh together over mistakes (your own) and to shrug off the stress of being broke by looking forward to things which aren’t money related. Have fun together, set out on trips which don’t require much cash, explore new things and never stop dreaming together.

Remember, money is important and issues related to it could bring a lot of distance between partners. To avoid that and also add spice to your relationship, it is important to make your relationship a priority and never stop striving for a better tomorrow.